Online BRT Seminars

These are the most comprehensive way to apply the healing of BRT principles in your life.
Together with your therapist’s support, you will learn BRT principles and apply the them to your individual situation and life.
Each principle is broken into a chapter. Each chapter starts with a video where Dr Watson introduces a topic. Then you complete the corresponding section in your workbook. Ultimately, you take that information to the therapist and together you identify all the ways that the section’s material applies in your life.
Discounts on the seminars are given if you select a therapist who is BRT Certified. 

Seminars Coming Soon


Learn the things that you can do to prevent and heal from depression Dr Hans Watson Heather Burgess Justesen

Elite Relationships

Rules For Creating The Dream Relationship Dr Hans Watson Heather Burgess Justesen


The Unwritten Rules Of Succeeding In Any Bureaucracy Dr Hans Watson Heather Burgess Justesen

Conquering Porn

Overcome Porn and Sex Addiction For Good Dr Hans Watson Heather Burgess Justesen

STOP front cover resized


Find healing and stop narcissistic people who pull down into depression and loneliness.