Frequently Asked Questions

What resources does University Elite provide for patients?

  • Provider Directory: find a provider for your care
  • Online Courses that you can complete alone or with your therapist
  • FREE sleep seminar! Simply call any listed provider from our directory, in your area to get their private ACCESS CODE. to get 100% OFF our most popular seminar.
  • Discounts on all other seminars with a BRT Certified provider’s code
  • Books to help understand your condition
  • Podcast
  • Youtube videos
  • Social Media content
  • Many more resources are being developed

What resources does University Elite provide for providers?

  • Brain Reactivation Therapy (BRT) Training and Certification Courses
  • Provider Directory that connects patients with providers
  • Free Sleep Seminar for patients that obtain your provider code 
  • Discount for all other online seminars when you are BRT Certified
  • Podcasts that help providers consider the why behind behaviors
  • Peer consultation with Dr Watson (limited availability)

What are the online seminars?

The online seminars are how Dr Watson is helping patients to team up with their providers to end unnecessary suffering caused by mental struggles. In these seminars, Dr Watson takes complex science that is needed to heal, and makes it understandable for virtually anyone. Then the seminar organizes the treatment approach for both the patient and provider so that both are on the same page and progressing together.  The seminar will help to do the following: 

  • Organize treatment so that the patient and the therapist are “on the same page”
  • Provide a therapy approach that reactivates the brain to healthy balance
  • Teaches patient what is happening when they are triggered or struggling
  • Make difficult topics easy to understand and apply in real life
  • Balances learning between videos, workbook and therapy
  • Allows learning anywhere in the world and at times convenient for the patient
  • And much more…

How do I get the ELITE SLEEP online seminar for free?

You can get the Elite Sleep Seminar and its workbook for free just by calling a local provider in your area and getting their code. Every provider listed in the “find a provider” directory has been given a code that gives you 100% off the Elite Sleep Seminar at checkout. 

Just click on “find a provider,” call them and ask for their code. Additionally, if you are needing services, you can schedule with them at that time. No obligation or appointment required to get the code.

Why would a patient choose an online seminar vs a book?

This is determined by how ready a person is to work on the issues.  


People who choose the online seminar are generally ready to work with a therapist and recognize that the online seminar is the most comprehensive resource. Patients and their therapist go through these together and “the why” is explained in a step by step manner.  The patient first watches a video where a piece of “the why” is taught and then they and their therapist apply that to real life using a patient workbook. Progress through the course is generally determined by the provider because they have a therapist guidebook that guides when to advance.  This is the most comprehensive way to learn the why. 


For those that aren’t ready to commit to a full course or just want to get a basic understanding, we have books. People can read these books and see if understanding the why will make a difference for them and their situation. 


Whether a person wants to learn more before committing by reading a book or wants to go “all in with a seminar,” we have the book or seminar to help

How do I get a discount for all online seminars?

While any provider code will get you the Elite Sleep Seminar for free, you can get 25% to 50% off of all other online seminars with the provider code from a BRT Certified provider. Level 1 BRT Certified provider’s codes give 25% off at checkout and Level 2 BRT Certified provider’s codes give 50% off at checkout.  

Just click on “find a provider,” when answering the questions, choose a BRT certification level, call them and ask for their code. Additionally, if you are needing services, you can schedule with them at that time. No obligation or appointment required to get the code.

Why choose a BRT Certified provider?

If your symptoms are just mild or moderate, you can probably go to any mental health provider. But if you have severe symptoms that are causing your life to be impacted, you likely need a BRT certified expert. 


BRT (Brain Reactivation Therapy) Certified providers have the training to help when improvement seems impossible. When mental health problems become severe, the average trained individual will often be unable to help. Severe cases often require someone with advanced training. BRT certified providers have demonstrated competency and advanced training. This means that they have the necessary training to understand the neurology and psychology necessary to restore the brain’s optimal function and create healing.

Does BRT replace other types of therapy?

No.  BRT is a training program for mental health providers where they bring all the good from their education & experience and then add skills of learning the why. BRT is a 2 level certification that adds to all the good things they already know. It helps them use their favorite treatment or therapy type to help the patients focus on causes instead of just symptoms.  This is why the patients of BRT provider’s heal.  


BRT is used concurrently with EMDR, psychodynamic, CBT, DBT, CPT, equine assisted, or almost any other therapy approach. In other words, bring all the good from your favorite therapy type and let us add to it…

Does University Elite see individual patients?

University Elite DOES NOT see individual patients because we focus on providing the education necessary to succeed with any mental struggles.  


However, we also understand that finding a provider who is a good fit or has the “University Elite” level of expertise is sometimes difficult. We try to help by providing a free listing service where patients can “find a provider” in their area.  Moreover, our “find a provider” tool allows patients to search providers by geographical area, BRT certification status, whether they accept insurance and more.


While some of our providers do see patients in partner clinics, they don’t always have availability or aren’t located in your area. For those individuals, the “find a provider” tool is the best option.

What podcasts do you offer?

For those that want to have fun while learning about “the why,” we have podcasts where we apply “the why” to everyday life.  


One podcast is called “Mental Health and The Good Life.”  This is a podcast where we explain everyday mental health that is seen in the real world. We focus on being able to see how decisions will create a great life and avoiding the traps. 


The second podcast is pure fun and interactive.  It’s called “Psyched at the Movies.” This podcast explores the fun psychology of why we love different storylines in movies.  The ideal use of this podcast goes something like this.  The person listens to the first few minutes where we introduce the movie and give a few points to think about.  The person then pauses the podcast and watches the movie.  Then after they complete the movie, they return to the podcast where we talk about the psychology behind the movie and why we love it.