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UNIVERSITY ELITE strives to learn the details of your specific life situation and neurobiology, then suggests an individualized treatment plan.


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In addition to a general psychiatric residency, our founder, Dr. Hans R. Watson dedicated thousands of EXTRA hours to obtain knowledge/skills with neurobiology, psychotherapy and advanced medication usage. This additional knowledge enabled him to identify and prescribe a treatment that not only manages symptoms but more importantly, addresses the direct causes of the patient’s symptoms. This led to Dr. Watson being able to help many “hard to treat“ patients when others struggled. Soon, Dr. Watson was recognized and published as an expert in mental health care.

Dr. Watson founded University Elite as a home where like-minded experts, with the necessary expertise, could focus solely on getting patients so healthy that they no longer need our care.

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Our doctors are at the cutting edge of utilizing the latest neurobiological knowledge, psychodynamic insights and medication options to provide the best care available.

We start with a goal of our patients becoming so healthy that they no longer need us.

Payment Policy

Please note that to provide personalized service and full confidentiality, University Elite does not contract with any insurance providers. All services are paid for in full by the client when reserving each session.  Read more…

Greater Convenience

Gone are the days where you could only see your doctor in person. 

We offer video sessions, phone sessions and some doctors are still seeing the traditional in person session.  Choose what works for your schedule.

Easy Sessions

Our eSessions work the same as clinical sessions, and meet the same standards of privacy and ethics.

Our sessions are handled via secure video conferencing for your ease and convenience.

What We Can Offer You?

Why University Elite
Let’s You Direct-Pay

We let you pay directly instead of using insurance because:

Health insurance companies dictate treatment

Insurance companies frequently pressure doctors to prescribe their preferred treatments (for patients who may not need it) or the doctors face a refusal to pay for the treatment. Moreover, insurance companies often limit the frequency and duration doctors can spend with a patient. This inevitably leads to less than optimal care and unhappy, unhealthy patients.

Doctors who accept insurance are often forced to solely prescribe medications

When insurance companies refuse to pay doctors for the full time needed to treat the patient, doctors are forced to take the quicker option of prescribing medications. This is why we see the 5-10 minute psychiatric appointment with insurance accepting psychiatrists. They are not paid for the extra time it takes to talk with the patient about diet, home life, or other vital influences. The doctor has just enough time to write a prescription and rush the patient out of the office and the insurance companies are happy that this keeps their costs lower. While medications are often an important type of treatment, these side effect prone medications are not the only tool in the psychiatric arsenal and utilization of only medications seldom improves the long term health for the patient.

Health insurance companies want to know information that is none of their business

Your privacy is very important, especially when it comes to mental health care. If a doctor takes health insurance they are required to release sensitive patient mental health information that is stored in large insurance databases and reportedly used by the insurance company and their corporate partners. Many patients don’t want their confidential mental health information to be available to large corporations that become friendly with insurance companies. But the powerful insurance system has made this legal and often you are not allowed to know how they are using your information. Thus, patient privacy is clearly not their goal.

Insurance companies are driven by decisions based on their money, not your well-being

Ultimately, by refusing to take insurance, we give the patient and doctor the ability to make better treatment decisions. Furthermore, we can provide real privacy. We can adjust appointment times to meet the patient’s needs and we can use whatever treatment options will work best for you, the patient.

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Patient testimonials

Word of mouth is often the best advice. Here are some of our patient’s comments…

You are the first doctor that has ever taught me “the why” and included me in the treatment decision making process.

Mother of 9-year-old child with autism:

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I finally understand what is going on in my brain and what I can do to get better. It’s nice to not be helpless anymore.

48-year-old male with depression and anxiety:

Name Withheld For HIPPA Compliance

I have been getting treatment for over 10 years but after 2 hours with you, I finally understand PTSD and what is going on in my brain.

28-year-old female with PTSD:

Name Withheld For HIPPA Compliance

You helped me to change my habits and gave me one med that treats both my sleep and depression. I am feeling and sleeping better than ever before.

52-year-old female with depression and sleep difficulty

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What Makes Us Special?

University Elite is focused equally on patient education and treatment options. Instead of simply “throwing a med at the symptoms,” we focus on understanding the “why” behind your specific situation and symptoms. Then we take the necessary time to help our patients understand “the why.” This is the reason that our patients are equal partners in choosing their treatment approach.

Phone: 406-404-6815

Our Insurance Policy

Please note that to provide personalized service and full confidentiality, University Elite does not contract with any insurance providers. All services are paid for in full by the client when reserving each session. 

If requested, your doctor will be happy to provide you with a reimbursement form or “superbill” which you can present to your insurance provider in order to seek partial reimbursement for psychiatric or psychotherapeutic services rendered.

Insurance Policy…

…If you plan to use insurance benefits, it is recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to understand the full details of your out-of-network mental health benefits. University Elite Doctors are considered “out-of-network” providers for insurance plans. These plans vary widely and typically reimburse patients anywhere from 25% to 90% of the total cost of each session. You may want to ask your insurance carrier to what extent they reimburse for psychiatric services by an out-of-network doctor.

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