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Surprising #1 Problem Affecting 200 Million+ Adults in The USA, Today!

Ask any expert “what’s the most common problem in mental health?” and chances are they’ll tell you “It’s anxiety & depression.” But that’s not actually true!

The truth is, there’s a foundational cause that leads to anxiety, depression, & other problems, when left unaddressed, AND leads to dramatic improvements when properly addressed!

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While anxiety and depression may be the most common manifestations of this one root cause, the same problem effects everyone differently. Many individuals who suffer this root cause go undiagnosed, and don’t get help until things get so bad that signs are easily recognizable, but difficult to address.

University Elite has made it fast & easy to identify the root cause before it becomes a bigger problem, and overcome the unique manifestations of this cause, that you may have developed after years of not even knowing this problem was slowly wearing you down.

According to the CDC, 35.2% of adults in America, suffer from poor sleep. That’s more than 73,613,000 or 1 in 3 Americans. The stats are similar around the world.

However, other reliable statistics suggest that more than 200 million Americans likely suffer this problem, without realizing it.

Most individuals affected by this foundational problem, have no idea they are victims, but the good news, is that once you identify this problem, & learn how to master it, you can quickly gain control over this issue, and enjoy a healthier, happier, & longer life!


5 Signs That This Problem Affects You:

1. You drink coffee or energy drinks, at least once a week?
2. You take your mobile device to bed with you?
3.  You have a TV in your bedroom?
4. You use the snooze button on your alarm clock?
5. You often “hit a wall” mid-day?

If 1 or More of These Signs Apply to You…

…Then your life can be significantly improved, literally over night!
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