Conquer Anxiety, Panic or PTSD

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This course is a recording of a live seminar where participants learned how to overcome anxiety, panic or PTSD. This online seminar gives the same information without the $1500 price tag.

If you are struggling with anxiety, panic or PTSD this course is for you.  This course is taken from an actual private seminar that Dr Watson conducted for patients. Instead of paying $1,500 to attend a private seminar, you can participate virtually and get the same information in small and manageable pieces for a fraction of the price.  This online version takes the actual seminar and divides it into short video segments. Each segment then has a workbook chapter that corresponds with the video. You then take the content from that video segment with it’s corresponding workbook section to your individual therapy and learn how it applies in your individual situation.

You can then stop suffering needlessly with Anxiety, Panic or Trauma and this seminar gives you a step by step plan to make it happen.


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