About Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson is likely the only person, in the world, whose life experience and education allow him to rightly claim that he is a small town boy, missionary, enlisted soldier, Army officer, combat proven veteran, civilian business leader, medical doctor, psychiatrist and expert psychotherapist. 

He founded University Elite as a way to share the benefits of his experience and knowledge with the world! 

Dr Watson is a nationally renowned author, motivational & educational speaker, trauma expert, psychiatrist, expert psychotherapist, medical doctor, flight surgeon and forensic evaluator. Before becoming a physician he was a missionary, enlisted soldier, army line officer, combat proven leader, experienced civilian leader, author and “good old farm boy.” 

Dr. Watson’s trauma expertise includes training the therapists treating victims & their families, after the most deadly high school shooting in history.

His military experience includes being enlisted and an officer, both fighting in direct combat before he was a doctor and using his prior service to relate with military members he treated as a medical doctor.

His broad range of experience includes treating intellectually disabled individuals, running rehab programs, performing advanced marriage therapy, sleep medicine, motivational speaking, leadership coaching, authoring multiple books and more.