About Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson is likely the only person, in the world, who’s life experience and education allow him to rightly claim that he is a small town boy, missionary, enlisted soldier, Army officer, combat proven veteran, civilian business leader, medical doctor, psychiatrist and expert psychotherapist. 

He founded University Elite as a way to share the benefits of his experience and knowledge with the world! 

Our Purpose at

University Elite

Is to provide resources for patients and mental health providers to heal, become healthy and happy.


Online seminars empower therapists to help every patient through a manualized approach. These seminars organize the approach so you always know what’s next and when to move on. Additionally, these seminars motivate patients and create unity between patients and providers through psychoeducation and organization. Patients generally come having watched a video, completed the workbook section and then you use the guidance in the therapist guidebook to help them see the application in their life. Your patients get a discount on the seminars when you become BRT Certified.

BRT is meant to work with any therapy modality. Dr Watson invites all mental health providers to bring your knowledge, your favorite therapy modality and let us add to it. You can combine BRT with any competent therapy modality and the patients will understand “The Why”, activate their brain and heal. 

Motivated patients in your area can find and call you. This can provide a steady stream of patients who are educated and simply need a partner to walk alongside them through their journey. 


These are the most comprehensive way to attack and overcome your struggles. We recommend you work with a therapist to complete the seminar. Seminars are broken into small chapters. Each chapter starts with a video where Dr Watson introduces a piece of “The Why”. Then you have a corresponding section in your workbook. Finally, you work with your therapist to identify all the ways that the section’s material applies in your life. Discounts are given if you select a therapist who has a BRT Certification. 

 Dr Watson has written books for those who want to gain knowledge about their struggles but aren’t quite ready for therapy. These books are a gentle way to start “Learning the Why.” 

Instead of searching blindly and hoping you get a provider who is an expert, we have a listing service where patients can find providers who are trained in BRT and understanding “The Why.”  Additionally, if you call a provider who is BRT Certified, you can use their provider code to get a discounts on the online seminars.

Dr Watson regularly creates podcasts for those that want to have fun while “Learning the Why”. There are two podcast types. 1) In the “Mental Health and the Good Life” podcast, Dr Watson has fun answering user submitted questions about the psychology behind everyday behaviors and how the people living the good life approach those situations. 2) In the “Psyched at the Movies” podcast, Dr Watson and his guests explore a light-hearted evaluation of the possible unconscious reasons we love that movie. 

There are many youtube videos on varying topics.


Learn The Why?

When someone understands how the healthy brain works, what changed in a mental health condition, what caused that change and what treatments can restore the brain, this is the definition of “Learning The Why”.  

University Elite strives to provide patients access to a group of providers who are trained to understand “The Why” and help the patient to also understand “The Why”.  Only then can they collaborate to create a customized treatment plan that directly attacks the true causes of their mental health struggles.  

Dr Watson is a nationally renowned author, motivational & educational speaker, trauma expert, psychiatrist, expert psychotherapist, medical doctor, flight surgeon and forensic evaluator. Before becoming a physician he was a missionary, enlisted soldier, army line officer, combat proven leader, experienced civilian leader, author and “good old farm boy.” 

Dr. Watson’s trauma expertise includes training the therapists treating victims & their families, after the most deadly high school shooting in history.

His military experience includes both fighting in direct combat before he was a doctor and military members after graduating medical school.

His broad range of experience includes being the psychiatrist for an intellectually disabled clinic, running substance rehab programs, marriage therapy, sleep medicine, motivational speaking, leadership coaching, authoring multiple books and more.

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