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How Listed Providers Obtain FREE CEU's

When you sign up for a provider listing on our directory, you’ll be listed for 12 Months for FREE, (no credit required), + access to the Patient Courses. By taking, and familiarizing yourself with these courses, you will be awarded 13 CEU’s from the NASW. 

BRT Certification Earns 24 CEU's

Becoming BRT Certified is a comprehensive training that is separate from the listing service. BRT Certification provides advanced training that greatly enhances any therapy modality. BRT level 1 and 2 certifications give 24 CEU’s each! 
Click Here for more information about BRT and its Certification. 



The motivated patients are generally willing to take the step of calling a provider to seek out an ACCESS CODE. When a patient calls for your code, you already have a potential patient who is ready to do the work necessary to heal. Since there are more patients than we could ever treat, we want to connect these patients with providers who also have the tools to give elite care. 

By giving potential patients an online seminar for free, we connect the best providers with the best patients and your PROVIDER ACCESS CODE (which you get when you sign up for a 12 Month FREE Trial, as a listed provider) is the key to making that connection.

Once your listing goes live, you will receive your very own discount code. Your potential patients are offered the ‘Elite Sleep Seminar’ with it’s workbook, for FREE, by simply calling your listed number to get your provider ACCESS CODE. Your front office staff can offer treatment & schedule these motivated patients. 

You will also get personal access to all the online seminars so that you will know how to guide your patients when they are used in therapy. 

Get Your First 12 Months For FREE, & SAVE $1,110+ Over Other Programs!

Why wait? Get started for FREE now, & earn 13 CEU’s, + unlimited new patients, without even entering a credit card, for an entire year!

After your 12 Month FREE trial, we list your practice at a fraction of the cost of other directories, [Just $9.97/Month]!
Compare to directories without our incredible bonuses, starting around 3X that much, from day one.
When you consider our $750 worth of FREE CEU’s, & the $360 other directories charge for 12 months, that’s $1,110 total value Just in your first year with University Elite!
But sign up now, because we won’t be offering this for long. As soon as we hit a certain threshold, this page goes away, & we’ll start charging fair market value for these incredible services.


In addition to your code giving patients 100% OFF on our Elite Sleep Seminar…

BRT Level 1 Certified Providers code, gives patients an additional 25% OFF on all other seminars…

BRT Level 2 Certified Providers code, gets patients an additional 50% OFF on all our other seminars…

Brain Reactivation Therapy Seminars

Get a taste of BRT while receiving FREE CEU's (a $750 value) and a free year of listing your practice. While you still need to attend a BRT training to fully maximize BRT skills, you can use the online seminar's BRT manualized treatment plan to help patients feel safe and make amazing progress before becoming BRT Certified...

"How Do I Get FREE CEU's?"

There are two ways to get CUE’s. 
1. You can sign up, attend a very comprehensive Brain Reactivation Therapy certification course and become BRT Certified.  (This option has a cost and gives 24 CEU’s)

2. You can complete the patient online seminars that are complimentary to anyone who is listed in our provider directory. (This option has NO cost and gives up to 13 CEU’s). 

When you register on our directory (for free), you receive (with no obligation) instant access to the Provider Portal for these seminars which have been awarded CEU‘s by The Utah Chapter of The National Association of Social Workers.

The Elite Sleep Seminar provides 5 CEU’s and the Anxiety & PTSD Mastery seminar provides 8 CEU’s, including 1 for suicide, & 1 for ethics

Just register in the directory, take the seminars (to become familiar with what patients will be doing) pass the quiz, & download your certificate to receive your CEU’s.sign up (for free). By accepting the free gift of being listed in our listing service you will be given access to the patient online seminars (also free to you). Simply complete the course, pass the quiz, & download your certificate to receive your CEU’s.

We found that patients are often paralyzed by the fear of not knowing what to expect in therapy. The seminars resolve that struggle. Patients feel safe because the seminars show what will be covered in that week’s session. We are so confident that this works that we are offering CEU’s for any provider who completes the seminars for their own familiarity.

Once we have verified you are a licensed provider, you get FREE access to ALL our courses, with accompanying therapist guide books. These are for personal use and familiarity only. 

This gives you a growing library of manualized treatment plans, developed by nationally renowned expert, to make your work easier, & more effective, all while providing $750+ worth of CEU’s FOR FREE (Your listing costs nothing for the first full year, then just a fraction of normal listing rates after that, & you can cancel at any time should you ever feel that the leads, the manualized treatment plans, or the CEU’s are not worth your discounted rate of just $9.97/Month).

Your existing patients can also get the Elite Sleep Seminar with it’s workbook for FREE, by using your ACCESS CODE.

Registration is FREE & Easy!

Just click the button below, complete the form, & submit for FULL ACCESS for 12 Months. You won’t be asked for payment details at this time. We do however have to certify that you are a licensed mental health provider, so we will be manually checking your NPI Number, before your listing is approved to go live on our directory. This helps ensure the highest quality directory for both patients & providers.

You will receive your PROVIDER ACCESS CODE via email upon registration. Once your listing goes live, your front desk staff can provide that CODE to motivated patients who find you on our directory. Your code will provide them a 100% discount for the Elite Sleep Seminar. While they are guaranteed ZERO OBLIGATION access to your code (for free), we do encourage your phone staff to invite them to become a patient.

Our course also makes it clear to patients, that the course is NOT a substitute for professional care. This gives your staff a chance to find motivated patients and you a chance to enjoy making a difference more often. 

Our directory is designed to support your practice by
     1. Connecting you with the most motivated patients via FREE access to the sleep seminar… 
     2. Provide CEU’s worth $750, for FREE…
     3. Advance therapy gains by providing manualized treatment plans that keep patients progressing…
     4. Provide savings over other listing services…
     5. Provide a home for patients and providers who are invested in elite care!

Get Your First 12 Months For FREE, & SAVE $1,110+
When You Get Started NOW!