BRT – PTSD Level 1 Certification


Founded by Dr. Hans Watson


This In-Person, 3-Day Training Event, Will be Held Jan 18-20, From 8AM-5PM Each Day For a Total of 24 Hours.

1654 Reunion Ave Suite 10B
South Jordan, UT 84095

Many mental and emotional struggles are caused or worsened by imbalances in the brain. These imbalances include some areas being overactive while other areas are not active enough. Reactivating and balancing these brain areas is necessary for long term healing. Brain Reactivation Therapy or BRT is designed to reactivate and balance the brain.

Brain Reactivation Therapy helps both the mental health provider and the patient to heal when many thought healing was impossible.

When a mental health provider attends a Brain Reactivation Therapy certification course, they are invited to bring all the good training and knowledge they have and then we add additional knowledge and resources. By participating in Brain Reactivation Therapy both the patient and provider understand:

  • How the healthy brain works
  • What parts are imbalanced when mental health struggles are present
  • What treatments to use and when to use them in order to reactivate and rebalance the brain

Mental health providers become level 1 or level 2 BRT certified after attending training and passing a written exam.  Mental Health Providers learn the following in the Brain Reactivation Courses:


Covers the general science of how a balanced healthy brain functions and how that changes in a person suffering from mental struggles. Then we introduce treatment considerations. Details include:

  • The neuroanatomy of influential brain regions
  • The neurobiology of healthy individuals and the problematic changes in mental health
  • Introduce the therapeutic foundation required for all mental health treatment to restore balance
  • How the function of the conscious and unconscious mind affect brain health
  • An overview of how brain communicate in the balanced and unbalanced brain
  • A general overview of how different therapy modalities can be used with Brain Reactivation Therapy 
  • How emotional vs physical items affect the brain differently
  • A general review of when it’s safe to push vs support in therapy
  • General overview of dreams
  • Identification of unconscious psychology of why emotional and physical dangers have such different effects on the brain
  • And MORE!


Builds on the level 1 course and then moves into the advanced skills necessary to fully apply the science in the “real world.”  Details include:

  • Learn to distinguish the signs of when a specific area of the brain is likely unbalanced 
  • Learn when it is appropriate to use a treatment that activates a part of the brain and when it is not appropriate
  • How to use a therapy approach that is best for each individual patient
  • Deeper understanding of how to work with the unconscious mind to allow for brain reactivation
  • A deep dive into the advanced details and nuances of each of the steps of Brain Reactivate Therapy (BRT) 
  • Workshops to apply various therapy modalities to the Brain Reactivation Therapy framework. 
  • Tools to develop advanced skills necessary to recognize unconscious signs that show when to push into uncovering therapy vs maintain supportive therapy
  • Additional dream analysis
  • Practice identifying the nuances that indicate the appropriate approaches
  • And MORE!


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