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You’ll discover:

  1. Why the WHY matters so much in searching for an effective solution to your problems
  2. How patients who have struggled for years make sudden breakthroughs in as little as two hours
  3. How to assess if you are getting the treatment you need, to make actual improvements and become so strong that you don’t need constant mental healthcare anymore

If there’s one thing that’s most important to remember from this entire presentation, it’s that when we say you can improve so much that you no longer need our help… it’s normal to have doubts, but it’s true!

During this webinar, you’ll hear about multiple examples that prove that with the right mental healthcare, even the toughest cases can be radically transformed.  That means that even you, no matter how severe your case seems, can experience a level of joy and inner peace, you probably find unimaginable at the moment.

The one caveat to all of this, is that it does take work on your part, and it certainly takes an elite level of mental healthcare treatment, to accomplish what all the common mental healthcare professionals have told you was impossible.

Please realize that if you have been told that you or someone you love is beyond help, or that all you can do is maintain the current level of dysfunction, that it’s not necessarily that provider’s fault, or yours.  The mental healthcare professionals who come to us for additional training are often very passionate about helping and often ask “why wasn’t I taught this stuff in medical school, my residency, or anywhere else until now???”

Our mission is to help you find the elite mental healthcare you need and deserve, AND to raise and improve the level of care other mental Healthcare providers are capable and competent in offering.

Enjoy the presentation, and please, be well!

They made their health better

Successfull stories
and client testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

Mother of 9-year-old child with autism:

You are the first doctor that has ever taught me “the why” and included me in the treatment decision making process.

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28-year-old female with PTSD:

I have been getting treatment for over 10 years but after 2 hours with you, I finally understand PTSD and what is going on in my brain.

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48-year-old male with depression and anxiety:

I finally understand what is going on in my brain and what I can do to get better. It’s nice to not be helpless anymore.

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52-year-old female with depression and sleep difficulty

You helped me to change my habits and gave me one med that treats both my sleep and depression. I am feeling and sleeping better than ever before.

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What Makes Us Special?

University Elite is focused equally on patient education and treatment options. Instead of simply “throwing a med at the symptoms,” we focus on understanding the “why” behind your specific situation and symptoms. Then we take the necessary time to help our patients understand “the why.” This is the reason that our patients are equal partners in choosing their treatment approach.

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Our Insurance Policy

Please note that to provide personalized service and full confidentiality, University Elite does not contract with any insurance providers. All services are paid for in full by the client when reserving each session. 

If requested, your doctor will be happy to provide you with a reimbursement form or “superbill” which you can present to your insurance provider in order to seek partial reimbursement for psychiatric or psychotherapeutic services rendered.

Insurance Policy…

…If you plan to use insurance benefits, it is recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to understand the full details of your out-of-network mental health benefits. University Elite Doctors are considered “out-of-network” providers for insurance plans. These plans vary widely and typically reimburse patients anywhere from 25% to 90% of the total cost of each session. You may want to ask your insurance carrier to what extent they reimburse for psychiatric services by an out-of-network doctor.

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