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Have you ever tried a diet plan that just didn’t work? There’s a reason for that, and you might be surprised to hear that it wasn’t your fault. You see, dietitionists will never understand the real reasons you failed, because they’ve never been trained in the understanding of how the mind works! Their program may work for some, but certainly not all, and apparently not you.

Think your mind has nothing to do with it? Tell yourself that the next time you think to yourself “I just feel like some comfort food, or ice cream…”

But what if you could change your thinking around food? You’ve probably tried before, but many programs and our own intuition often make it harder than is necessary, and we end up sabotaging our own success.

The Two Rule Diet salves all of that in two simple, easy to master rules, that will quickly INCREASE your confidence, ambition, & health, while DECREASING your weight, self defeating discouragement, and odds of flat out giving up [AGAIN]!

Sound good to you? Then pre-oder the Two Rule Diet today, to lock in your early bird special pricing for life!

Why The Two Rule Diet?

Your mind is the single most important component for your success in any endeavor, but when it comes to your health, most experts are solely focused on your body, or if they do include a section on the mental aspect, it’s painfully clear that they don’t have the training and understanding of how your mind truly works.

For them, it’s always been easy to stay fit and healthy. They were raised eating differently than you were. They had a different environment, different friends, different activities and interests. Even if they have journeyed from poorer health to the example of what you want to achieve, their journey will have been uniquely different than your can ever be.

Simple things that may have been easy for the gurus of common programs, might be very hard for you! And when they stack up 14 of these so called “easy” rules, just to make their program feel more complex and “value added,” so they can slap a $997 price tag on it as many of them do… All that does to your mind in make you think it’s going to work amazingly well, while actually lowering your ability to make it work for you.

You end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, and while you may not “give up,” you just put it off a little bit, telling yourself things like “I’ll start on New Years,” or “I just have to get these other things out of the way so I can focus on this later.”

Meanwhile, your money back guarantee expires, and both you, and the creators of that over-priced, over-complex, ineffective program, end up believing that it’s all your fault it didn’t work. The only difference is that they get to feel good about themselves, while you pile on more self-defeating discouragement, and they’re smiling all the way to the bank with $1,000 hole they left for you as extra confirmation of your negative self talk.

How could anyone expect to have success in a situation like that??? The odds are hopeless and deliberately stacked against you!

Now I say “deliberately” but I don’t mean that the way you might think I do. These programs are deliberately filled with fluff and complexity, for the sole reason of inflating the value, so their creators can make more money, not because they are deliberately trying to sabotage your success. But that just shows that they don’t have the psychological training to understand how they are unwittingly doing just that!

The Two Rule Diet was created by nationally renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Hans R. Watson. Dr. Watson is an expert in psycho dynamics, in PTSD, is a veteran of the US Military, and is the husband and father to wife and four kids who’s health and happiness are of primary concern to him.

In working with thousands of patients over the year, and with the unique insight to how the mind works, Dr. Watson was able to recognize patterns in his patients who struggled with weight, body image, and blanenced health. He also recognized how these physical issues affect mental and emotional conditions as well.

All of his patients in this category had a lot going on. Focusing on their health felt like an extra full time job, all of its own. Can you relate?

That’s why the Two Rule Diet was designed to be so simple! Dr. Watson knew complex, fancy, and difficult solutions would never work for you! And while we could say the results are what you pay for, we all decided as a team, that charging $997 for this program like we’ve been told it’s worth, wasn’t in your best interest either.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is certainly important that put some skin in the game too. Too little investment on your part lowers your commitment, and sabotages your drive to succeed, however, too high of cost will almost certainly become a brick wall you just can’t scale.

This starts to happen in your mind, the first time you miss a workout, or eat one of the dozens of things you were told not too.  You suddenly feel like you’ve spent too much money and that negative self thought that got you here in the first place, go to work to keep you from proving it wrong.

“You’re a failure!” it says, “you never should have spent that money!”  “You can’t do this because you don’t have the discipline.  Spending that much money is just more proof of that!”

Do those thoughts sound familiar to you?  That’s why we refused to price the Two Rule Diet and it’s extended program, at $997 like the marketer’s told us too.  Dr. Watson’s primary concern is your success, and while the marketers pricing was based on the psychology of how much we can get people to pay (it’s amazing what a difference $3 would make psychologically if they said $1,000, instead of $997), Dr. Watson had the unique insight, that there was a sweat zone for raising your commitment and success, while avoiding discouragement, sticker ‘after-shock,’ and self defeating regret.

We also designed the program to be customizable to your individual needs so you’re guaranteed to get the right price and the right program, to ensure your best results possible!

So, if you’re ready to try the simplified route, carefully simplified to the only two rules, that are both EASY to follow, and highly EFFECTIVE, so you can start seeing real results (probably for the first time), then we 3 easy options for you.

Option 1.
You can pre-purchase the Two Rule Diet eBook for just $9.99, marked down from it’s post launch price $21.99, expected to happen in the next 30 days.

Option 2.
You can sign up for our online coaching program for just $14/Month, and in addition to getting recipes, work outs, psychological coaching to help you condition your mind for a happier, healthier, better you… we’ll give you the Two Rule Diet eBook for FREE!

Option 3.
Want a one time price to get all of our Two Rule Diet and program, including all updates and additional coaching, for life?  Then claim our Lifetime Membership Pre-Sale Offer, and get unlimited access, to the Two Rule Diet and everything we add to the online coaching program, FOR LIFE, for one payment of just $497 today.

Each of these options are for the Pre-Sale of the Two Rule Diet and Two Rule Coaching programs, and ensure your access to everything that is available now, as well as what will be available when we launch within about 30 days.

But once we launch, these offers will no longer be available, so act now!

Are we worried that by lowering the price and making these special offers, that it will lower your drive and commitment?  No, and I’ll tell you why.  When someone finds an exclusive offer, that they only qualify for, because of timing or other fortunate circumstances, taking advantage of that offer actually stimulates a very special thing in your brain.

It’s what happens for people who love to shop for great deals, or find unique treasures at a yard sale.  You get an additional sense of control and fulfillment for being decisive and making a good choice.  Essentially, dopamine is released into your brain, and the great deal you just got, becomes associated with reward.  That makes it that much easier to replace other rewards like ice cream and junk food.  It actually becomes sentimental in your mind, and starts you out with a WIN, on a new path towards many more wins.

See how fun and powerful understanding how the mind works can be?  And trust me, we’re just getting started!  You’re about to radically overhaul your body and your mind, and I guarantee you’ll look back and and say “I can’t believe it was that easy!”

So stop making it hard, and choose your pre-launch option now.  We’re excited to see you succeed!!!

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Patient testimonials

Word of mouth is often the best advice. Here are some of our patient’s comments…

You are the first doctor that has ever taught me “the why” and included me in the treatment decision making process.

Mother of 9-year-old child with autism:

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I finally understand what is going on in my brain and what I can do to get better. It’s nice to not be helpless anymore.

48-year-old male with depression and anxiety:

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I have been getting treatment for over 10 years but after 2 hours with you, I finally understand PTSD and what is going on in my brain.

28-year-old female with PTSD:

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You helped me to change my habits and gave me one med that treats both my sleep and depression. I am feeling and sleeping better than ever before.

52-year-old female with depression and sleep difficulty

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What Makes Us Special?

University Elite is focused equally on patient education and treatment options. Instead of simply “throwing a med at the symptoms,” we focus on understanding the “why” behind your specific situation and symptoms. Then we take the necessary time to help our patients understand “the why.” This is the reason that our patients are equal partners in choosing their treatment approach.

Our Insurance Policy

Please note that to provide personalized service and full confidentiality, University Elite does not contract with any insurance providers. All services are paid for in full by the client when reserving each session. 

If requested, your doctor will be happy to provide you with a reimbursement form or “superbill” which you can present to your insurance provider in order to seek partial reimbursement for psychiatric or psychotherapeutic services rendered.

Insurance Policy…

…If you plan to use insurance benefits, it is recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to understand the full details of your out-of-network mental health benefits. University Elite Doctors are considered “out-of-network” providers for insurance plans. These plans vary widely and typically reimburse patients anywhere from 25% to 90% of the total cost of each session. You may want to ask your insurance carrier to what extent they reimburse for psychiatric services by an out-of-network doctor.

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