Anxiety & PTSD Mastery


LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: Sign up for the PTSD Master Course and save $50*

With the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation, people’s struggles have worsened. This course is being offered at an extreme discount to help heal and promote unity for anybody who is ready to finally overcome PTSD and live a full post-pandemic life. People normally pay $1500 to attend Dr. Watson’s PTSD Master Courses in person. For a limited time you can take Dr. Watson’s course for only $248.

*This is the same course that has been offered in the past for $1500, for a limited time introductory special you also get an additional $50 off and pay only $198. That’s over $1,550 in savings!
While responding to school shootings to train therapists and in treating many patients who had already received treatment from other providers, Dr. Watson recognized that the vast majority of providers treating PTSD are giving care that only make symptoms temporarily better. But the sad reality is this inferior treatment makes the PTSD symptoms worse as soon as the patient stops going to that therapist.

Dr Watson changes all of this. His PTSD Master course gives you the tools to ensure that you do the hard work up front so that you can heal for the rest of your life.


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