Specialist InPsycho Dynamics


In addition to being a proven leader in military combat, graduating from medical school, completing a four year general psychiatry residency and passing the psychiatry and neurology specialty board exam, Dr. Watson dedicated thousands of additional hours of study and training to become one of the few psychiatrists that has the extra skills/knowledge necessary to be a recognized expert in neurology, psychotherapy, forensic psychiatry, PTSD and more. Additionally, he is a flight surgeon. This extra training and experience led to Dr. Watson helping so many people that he was requested as an author of a textbook chapter on psychotherapy, produced medical journal articles/studies, is a professor, is an expert evaluator for legal proceedings and he is a highly sought out keynote speaker. The best part of Dr. Watson’s talent is that he uses this expertise and his natural teaching ability to help make complex and difficult situations or topics understandable. He believes that psychiatric care is most successful when the doctor applies their knowledge to help the patient understand “the why” and together they become equal partners in treatment decisions.