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Learn The Why

“We must first understand the WHY, before we consider HOW to apply WHAT, to become WHO we are meant to be“
~ wise saying

What Makes Us Special?

University Elite is focused equally on patient education and treatment options. Instead of simply “throwing a med at the symptoms,” we focus on understanding the “why” behind your specific situation and symptoms. Then we take the necessary time to help our patients understand “the why.” This is the reason that our patients are equal partners in choosing their treatment approach.

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Our Insurance Policy

Please note that to provide personalized service and full confidentiality, University Elite does not contract with any insurance providers. All services are paid for in full by the client when reserving each session. 

If requested, your doctor will be happy to provide you with a reimbursement form or “superbill” which you can present to your insurance provider in order to seek partial reimbursement for psychiatric or psychotherapeutic services rendered.

Insurance Policy…

…If you plan to use insurance benefits, it is recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to understand the full details of your out-of-network mental health benefits. University Elite Doctors are considered “out-of-network” providers for insurance plans. These plans vary widely and typically reimburse patients anywhere from 25% to 90% of the total cost of each session. You may want to ask your insurance carrier to what extent they reimburse for psychiatric services by an out-of-network doctor.

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