University Excel offers multiple courses of instruction.  All Courses teach the necessary skills and information.  The difference is found in the delivery and group make up. Class sizes are limited based on available instructors and size of the facility. All course types prepare students to utilize a mentor and students get a home reference book. 


Weekend Course

The weekend course is an interactive seminar that is taught on a Friday evening and a full day on Saturday. This is the most commonly used course as it provides all the information in about 12 hours of class time.  The class is a combination of lectures, group work and practicing the newly learned skills. This course is the option most often used by those that are doing a fund raiser because it facilitates more flexible scheduling for the club or school. 

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Private Courses

Private courses are custom courses that are tailored for each individual and their unique circumstances.  Many people don't want to wait for a group seminar to come to their area and will use the private course instead.  The flexibility and individual attention of a private course increases the motivation exponentially.  The student and parent receive the tools that they specifically need and focus is individualized to their individual needs.  

Courses are taught live by a faculty member.  Teaching happens online and the schedule is arranged with each individual.  Many times schedules include some nights and weekends.  

Individuals can request private courses via the "contact us" link. 

Summer Course

This course is an interactive seminar like the weekend course but instead of being taught over 2 days; this course is taught over 5 days. The students receive about 3 hours of class time per day for 5 days. This course implements the same content and active learning as the weekend course but is spread longer. The course is typically used by organizations that have enough participants that they need 2 to 3 groups to accommodate them all.

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Corporate Courses

Corporate courses are tailored for members of a team or corporation.  Businesses can use this course for individuals participating in tuition reimbursement programs.  It pairs the resources with the tools to excel.  This course helps student team members realize the corporation's value and dedication to enabling growth.  It also helps the team member to develop loyalty.  

Corporations can request information for corporate courses via the "contact us" link.  

Mentorship Subscription

University Excel has a mentorship subscription service available. A student can subscribe to have one of our carefully selected faculty members as their mentor. University Excel mentors are required to have experience excelling in both an academic setting and reached elite status in their professional careers. They are individually screened and have to attend courses. Their understanding of the principles and standards is evaluated. Only when the individual demonstrates proficiency are he/she allowed to mentor clients. Though this service is highly valued, quality assurance limits the available mentors. Therefore, space is limited.