School Counselors = SUCCESS

By Dr. Hans Watson D.O. President University Excel

People usually understand that the elite think differently than the average and appreciate that University Excel's courses teach 

counselorstudents to think like the elite.  Many are amazed that the difference in efforts between the elite and average is so small.  Some ask why a small difference in efforts can result in such large difference in outcomes.  I estimate that an average person does the same thing as the elite about 90% of the time.  The 10% difference is the driver of the differing outcomes.  We will discuss an action that is free but used almost exclusively by the elite.  And did you catch that it’s free to everyone?

The School Counselor

Do you want to excel?   Schedule a meeting with your school counselor. That’s right.  It does matter that much.

Everyone in school has access to the school counselor but few average individuals utilize them as a resource.  Meanwhile, the successful usually work with their counselor early and often.  Students make appointments with the counselor during their junior year of high school (sometimes earlier).  At these appointment students share interests, goals, fears and ask questions.  This often results in additional appointments with the counselor.  Counselors help with aptitude testing, high school course recommendations, alerting students to potential scholarship opportunities, and often become a great mentor with incredible knowledge about local universities, colleges and much more.  Those that utilize their counselor have “a ringer” in their corner. 

This action of working with someone else further teaches how to succeed in a career.  The student learns the valuable lesson of how to network and begins to learn that sometimes it is “who you know, not what you know”.  Clark Howard indicates there is a trend of needing to have a solid network in order to land the good jobs. Learning to network takes time and the elite start this lesson while still in high school.   

So, if you want to excel, schedule a meeting with your school counselor. 

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