University Excel's goal is to give the student and their parent(s) the tools necessary to excel in college

and eventually in an elite career.

Some people go to college, excel from the beginning, obtain the best career opportunities and seldom seem to struggle? Meanwhile, the rest struggle and never seem to obtain the elite career opportunities. Moreover, today's job market is getting more competitive for the average individual. What separates the group that excels from the rest? I asked myself that question as I focused on reaching my goal of becoming a medical doctor.

 To be an acceptable medical school candidate, I was forced to learn the skills of the elite students. After struggling to learn what the elite group already knew, I started to excel.  But more importantly I could articulate the different thought processes of the average and elite. I quickly learned how the elite thought process enabled better actions and decisions. I also realized that this way of thinking and acting was something that could be learned; I quickly realized that someone with this knowledge could reach their goals much faster with less wasted effort. That was the beginning of University Excel.

History of University Excel


University Excel started while I was in medical school and volunteering as a youth group leader. One of my youth was accepted to a university and would start in within the month. He confided that he had excellent grades and had taken the high school provided “college prep” course but still felt unprepared. He asked I made an appointment with him and over a weekend I taught him everything I knew about college. I thought nothing of this experience and he went to college. It wasn't until he completed the first year of college that I learned how he had done. He was a top performer in every one of his classes.

We talked during the summer break and he had additional questions. He asked about more ways to pay for school, how to apply for graduate schools, how to pick a major and much more. As he utilized this information he continued to excel and progress through his degree very rapidly.  Soon word to others in the youth group and his friends started asking that I mentor them also. I taught this new group and those that applied the principles excelled. Meanwhile, those that didn't implement the strategies found themselves performing on an average or worse level. They also reported that they often had to work much harder and usually had worse outcomes. This was demonstrated by many lower grades or repeated courses.

I continued mentoring youth while I was in the area, and soon I realized that this knowledge should be available to everyone.  I decided to design a course that would teach the skills and enable anyone from any background to think like the elite, excel in college and any career.

I realized that as a doctor, I had a great network that gave me access to an exclusive group of elite performers. So I used those connections to gather additional data of how the elite think and operate. I interviewed doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, MBA’s, CEO’s, business executives, entrepreneurs, West Point Graduates, Air Force Academy Graduates, Special Forces Soldiers, college professors and many more. I learned their ways thinking and approaching college.  They shared how they transitioned from college success into a promising career and desired lifestyles. After interviewing so many elite performers, I recognized that they all approached school in a similar way. They all used the same principles to excel.

Using the gathered information, my training in psychiatry, psychotherapy experience with youth groups and combining with an educator with 20+ years experience and a master’s degree in education of gifted learners we made this course. The course illuminates a clear plan and the tools students need to become elite learners.

This course prepares people to think like the elite and succeed in all aspects of life.